American Airlines is very bad at selling upgrades


American Airlines has never been very aggressive in selling upgrades, at least compared to Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. As an elite member, I consider this a good thing, as it leaves more seats for elite members to upgrade.

To my surprise (as I can’t remember the last time I received something like this), I received an upgrade offer for an upcoming US flight. My only point to remember is that the American is very bad at selling improvements.

I had booked a $ 49 economy ticket (non-basic) from Tampa to Chicago, and today I received an email offering an “upgrade to premium cabin”, explaining how “premium upgrade options are available. »And how I should« act now for better availability.

I clicked on the offer, thinking I might get a good deal. My assumption was that the cost of the upgrade would either be the difference in fare between economy class and first class (so not a good deal at all) or a slight reduction. Now, it wasn’t either of those things.

The cost of the upgrade was $ 336 which seemed pretty steep as it was more than the difference between economy class and first class at the time I booked. Also note that if you subscribe to the Upgrade Offer, you do not earn any redeemable bonus miles, Elite Qualifying Miles, Elite Qualifying Segments, or Elite Qualifying Dollars, for the additional amount you spend.

I thought the cost of first class might have gone up, so I looked at the flight again – economy fare was still $ 49 and first class fare was still $ 373.

$ 373 minus $ 49 is $ 324. American no longer charges for change. So if I want to travel first class, I have two options:

  • I could change my ticket to an upgrade to First Class for $ 324, and I would earn bonus redeemable miles, bonus elite qualifying miles and bonus elite qualifying dollars.
  • I could take advantage of this upgrade offer for $ 336 (or $ 12 more) and I would not earn any bonus redeemable miles, Elite qualifying miles, or Elite qualifying dollars

Well, or I could just stick with my $ 49 ticket and hope for an upgrade, which is exactly what I’ll do. Although I enjoy the first class, I don’t appreciate it as much.

At the end of the line

American Airlines isn’t very aggressive in trying to sell upgrades, and in a way that’s a blessing, as it leaves more seats for elite upgrades. Now, I finally got an upgrade offer, and it’s $ 12 more than the difference between the economy class fare and the first class fare, and I wouldn’t earn any extra redeemable miles, or any extra credit. for elite qualification.

I hope American Airlines will continue to sell upgrades this way, because I would say that is good news for elite members. ??

Has anyone else received an upgrade offer from American? If so, was it as silly as this one?

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