Army veteran uses Tik Tok to help others repair their credit


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – It’s no secret your credit score is essential.

Good credit can help you apply for a loan or buy a car, among other things.

“If you are watching this Tik Tok and have bad credit or no credit this video is for you,” Amanda Journey is an Army veteran who uses the Tik Tok social media app to help others repair their credit. His Tik Tok channel became a sensation bearing the same name as his company, “Journey to Credit Acceptance”.

The company was launched on June 7.

“I launched the Tik Tok to sort of showcase our credit business. We’re a brand new company, we just started about two months ago, and I wanted to find a way to come out and present what we do, who we are, in a way that’s not just local, I wanted to make our company shine nationally, ”says Journey.

Journey’s reason for helping others was personal, “so I struggled with my own credit, I had a eviction, I had a repossession a few years ago, my credit was horrible and this is how I entered the credit repair business. , I fixed my own credit.

When asked what she tells bullied people to discuss their credit, she replies, “We just tell people we’re not here to judge you, you know, we’re here to help. I know credit has a big stigma, a lot of people don’t want to broadcast their, their personal things like, it’s very personal to them. So we just want to come out and show people that we’re not here to judge you. We are here to help you.

“We’ve been successful in eliminating bankruptcies, write-offs, late payments, medical collections, general collections, anything negative on your credit report, we can get rid of it,” says Journey.

She adds, “There are a lot of people who need help with credit. Especially when we started our Tik Tok, people were kind of, seeing as you know we’re just humble people, we’re just trying to help people with their credit and I think that helped us to, to help them, trust us to help them.

Journey says his company is committed to Bowling Green, “we want to help everyone in the community, especially Bowling Green, I know we said we were going to try to become national, but we are dedicated and committed to Bowling Green. . So this is where our heart is, so any member of the Bowling Green community who wants help with their credit, we can definitely help.

If you would like more information on repairing your credit, click here or call (270) 904-8296.

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