Consumer Genius launches to help Canadians reduce and consolidate their debt

A recent study shows that average Canadian household debt remains near record highs, with the average Canadian facing nearly $1.78 for every dollar earned. To put this into perspective, in 1990 Canadians had to $0.90 for every dollar earned. These debts amount on average to approximately $23,035 by Canadian. Statistics Canada reported total non-mortgage loans in Canada total $789.5 billion end of 2020.

Tyler Ferguson is the head of marketing for JugglingDebt and its parent company, Canadian fintech giant, Consumer Genius Inc. “Canadian households carried approximately $2.5 trillion of outstanding debt a year after the start of the pandemic, of which about two-thirds was mortgage debt and one-third of all other types of debt, whether it was a loan for a car or for the renovation of a house, a credit card payment or any other type of monetary obligation,” says Tyler. “Our platform, Debt jugglinghelp Canadians feel comfortable about debt, and our leading debt tools, resources and advisors will present a wealth of options to our clients to help them reduce, manage and in some cases , eliminate their debt,” says Tyler.

Consumers can go to and complete a short form to explain the type of debt problems they are having. From there, thanks to its proprietary algorithm, the platform will then recommend the best course of action for this consumer and put them directly in contact with the expert appointed to help them solve their debt problems. This process is completely secure and confidential in accordance with privacy laws and the platform will not charge any user fees. “We realize that consumers who come to our platform are already in debt or worried about their level of debt, so we don’t think it’s fair to charge a fee to use our platform’s services,” says Tyler. .

Household debt has always been a subject that consumers try to avoid. The endless cycle of earning versus spending and then paying interest on top of your loans can lead a consumer down a very difficult road to financial recovery and defeat one’s purpose of financial freedom. it is not handled properly. Canada needs more platforms like to help consumers with options when it comes to managing their debt, so they don’t go down a no-recovery path. Debt juggling also maintains a completely digital process, hence a consumer can use the platform without leaving the comfort of their own home and never have to visit a bank, lender or physical location in order to obtain the advice and the solutions he needs to manage his debt. This process is very convenient given the current challenges surrounding the pandemic and the desire to maintain social distancing.

About Juggling Debt is owned by Consumer Genius Inc. The purpose of the “Juggling Debt” brand is to help consumers feel comfortable asking for advice when it comes to managing, reducing and, in some cases, to eliminate their debts. The experts at Juggling Debt will suggest the best route for your individual situation and the best way to manage and plan for the long term when it comes to personal debt levels. Additionally, the platform is free and fully digital, helping to maintain social distancing during the pandemic.

About Consumer Genius Inc.

Founded in 2015, Consumer Genius Inc. is the parent company of several North America fastest growing online comparison platforms. Consumer Genius operates in Canada, United States and Australia in the financial and non-financial sectors. The different platforms that consumer genius owns and operates allows consumers to search through reviews, ratings, offers, and rates in real time, allowing them to make faster decisions about which lender to borrow from or which provider to use for a particular service. Plus, they offer borrowers the ability to compare rates from multiple lenders, compare car loansinsurance quotes, personal loans , credit card rates, small business loans, and even debt consolidation and credit repair services. They combine expert advice and the best financial tools, providing their clients with the knowledge and information needed to make the smartest financial decisions. More than 40,000 consumers apply for a loan or a financial service or product through the platforms owned and operated by Consumer Genius Inc. every month and more $2 billion in volume of requests is processed by Consumer Genius Inc. platforms each year. Among its vast portfolio of brands, Consumer Genius also owns the best North American brands such as, LendingArchCrush leads and .


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