Financial firm expands presence in Laredo to serve local consumers

Laredo has a new finance company and lender in town that hopes to help consumers control their financial needs and also help local retailers.

The company aims to help hundreds of customers in its first year in the city while being able to help businesses with multiple needs. The company has expanded its presence in the city due to the city’s growing potential in business and housing.

“Lendmark has chosen to expand its presence in Laredo, one of the largest cities in Southwest Texas, due to the large number of consumers who may need better access to household credit solutions and affordable personal loans, ”Lendmark Financial Services SVP Communications Karen Blouin-Clay mentioned. “With the opening of the new Laredo branch, Lendmark now has a local physical location that customers can visit for personalized customer service. “

The company specializes in offering a variety of personal loans for home repair projects, unforeseen emergency expenses and debt consolidation, as well as seasonal needs such as vacations, back to school and holidays. holiday shopping.

According to the company, the new Laredo branch will likely serve between 500 and 600 customers in its first year.

The company also brings the added benefit of helping retailers as well, which could benefit the Laredo region as local retailers have recently been affected due to the economic effects of the pandemic which has resulted in the closure of international bridges during more than a year. and half.

“In addition to directly serving consumers, Lendmark also provides financing solutions to over 11,000 independent auto retailers and dealerships, enabling customers of these companies to apply for Lendmark financing,” said Blouin-Clay. “Local businesses wishing to partner with Lendmark to provide financing solutions to their clients should contact our branch in Laredo. “

The company also contributes to the fight against pediatric cancer, which has recently become a major topic in the city because there is no pediatric cancer establishment in Laredo. Organizations like Smiles From Heaven and others must help families in need of treatment travel elsewhere in the state.

Blouin-Clay says the company has a good reputation in the fight against disease and will make sure its Laredo location continues the good fight.

“In addition to providing personal loans to those facing planned and unforeseen life events, Lendmark is also helping to solve a pressing societal problem – pediatric cancer,” said Blouin-Clay. “Lendmark Climb to CURE (C2C) is the flagship initiative of Lendmark Financial Services. Each year, Lendmark employees, their family, friends and business partners pledge to raise funds and raise awareness about pediatric cancer, research and financial support for families of children and adolescents struggling. against cancer.

The company says it launched the first fundraising and awareness effort in 2016, in partnership with CURE Childhood Cancer, based in Atlanta, GA). The association is dedicated to defeating childhood cancer by funding targeted research while supporting patients and their families.

To date, Lendmark and its partners have raised $ 3.5 million for CURE. In 2021, Lendmark pledged to raise $ 1 million in a single year for the first time to mark the company’s 25th anniversary and exceeded the target by raising $ 1.1 million, according to Blouin-Clay. .

According to Blouin-Clay, the pandemic has affected their business in some ways as well, just like any other business asking for their help or a consumer due to the economic effects of the pandemic.

“Like all businesses, we have had to monitor and adapt to an ever-changing situation,” said Blouin-Clay. “In addition to adhering to all local and state decisions regarding COVID-19, we have also maintained our own set of policies and protocols with the goal of keeping everyone safe while on duty. “

“Currently, our branches ask customers to make an appointment to come to the branch. Our branch staff ask standard COVID questions before letting the customer enter the branch and complete transactions behind a security shield. Masks must be worn by branch customers and employees when customers are in the branch. We will also be fully compliant with the OSHA COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS Ordinance. “

In view of the pandemic, the company also prides itself on being a full-fledged company that can also operate online for all customers engaged in banking and online transactions.

“Lendmark works with a brick and click-by-design approach, which means we have both physical branches for in-person customer service as well as online and digital options for consumers on the go,” said Blouin. -Clay. “Lendmark recently celebrated a customer milestone, with the 250,000th customer downloading and signing up for the company’s popular mobile app. The company reached this customer milestone less than a year after crossing the 200,000 customer mark on its mobile application.

According to Blouin-Clay, Lendmark Financial Services is a company with 25 years of personalized lending that, since 1996, has provided consumer loans to help ordinary Americans meet their financial needs for both planned and unforeseen life events.

Currently, the financial company has more than 430 branches in 19 states from coast to coast.

“Lendmark continues to grow by providing trusted, reliable and consistent financial services in a personalized way that makes a difference in people’s lives,” said Blouin-Clay. “We get to know our customers and the communities we serve. “

Consumers interested in applying for a loan should visit or visit the company’s branch in Laredo. Those interested can also go directly to the branch by going to 2324 Bob Bullock Loop, Suite 120.

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