Gale Toyota offers drivers Toyota car financing at risk


Gale Toyota offers a variety of loans to its customers.

Gale Toyota in Enfield offers auto financing to customers with bad credit. The dealership is ready to help customers get auto loans from various lenders.

Gale Toyota has a goal of 100% credit approval. Therefore, the dealership works with lenders to tailor a loan program suitable for customers with bad credit.

Customers with the following issues are eligible for a subprime auto loan: bad credit, poor credit, no credit, foreclosures, bankruptcies, late payments, write-offs, and tax liens.

Customers can apply for a car loan in order to purchase a vehicle from Gale Toyota inventory. The dealership also helps customers calculate the monthly payments for the auto loan service. In addition to applying for a car loan, customers can also trade in their old vehicle and purchase a new one from the dealership. They can also use the money to offset the cost of a new vehicle.

Gale Toyota also offers various special services to its customers, so customers are encouraged to check them regularly.

All interested parties are urged to visit or call the dealer at 860-269-3608 for more information.

Gale Toyota address:

50 Palomba Drive, Enfield, Connecticut

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