Lender Prosper online marketplace reports that 67% of loan originations in September were rated AA-B


Prosper, a market lending company that connects borrowers and investors with more than $ 17 billion in loans issued through its platform, shared its Performance update report for the month of September 2021.

As indicated in the report prepared by Haiyan Huang de Prosper, dated October 15, the company shares the performance data of the Prosper portfolio for September 2021.

The highlights of the Prosper report are as follows:

  • In September 2021, approximately 67% of loan origination was “rated AA-B”.
  • Average loan amount “increased about 3% month over month”.
  • Prosper’s median monthly loan-to-income ratio (PTI) payment for September “remained relatively stable month over month at 5.16%.”
  • The weighted average borrower rate for the September arrangements “has remained stable month over month.”

Portfolio information and key charts can be viewed here.

Prosper’s performance updates are intended to help the platform’s investor community better understand important performance trends and offer meaningful insight into the trends they observe and the information needed to invest strategically through the platform. Prosper.

As covered last month:

“In August, about 67% of loan origination was rated AA-B. The average loan amount remains relatively stable from month to month. Prosper’s median monthly loan-to-income ratio (PTI) payment for August was relatively stable month-over-month at 5.23%.

Prosper’s team also mentioned:

“The weighted average borrower rate for the August originals was stable month over month.”

As the company’s management pointed out:

“Prosper’s mission is to advance financial well-being. The company’s online lending platform connects people wishing to borrow money with individuals and institutions wishing to invest in consumer credit. Borrowers have access to affordable fixed-rate, fixed-term personal loans. Investors have the opportunity to generate strong returns through a data-driven underwriting model. “

To date, over $ 17 billion in personal loans have been “generated through the Prosper platform for debt consolidation and major purchases such as home improvement projects, medical bills and special occasions.”

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