What documents do you need for a mortgage pre-approval?


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Before shopping for a home, it’s a good idea to get mortgage pre-approved. While not required, it will help you budget for the purchase of a home, strengthen your offer to purchase, and prepare for the official mortgage application later.

There is a stack of documents needed for mortgage pre-approval, which a lender will use to check your financial health.

Find out what documents are needed to start shopping for your dream home sooner:

  1. Identification
  2. Income verification
  3. Debt statement
  4. Proof of assets
  5. Other documents

1. Identification

Everyone on the home loan will need to show government issued ID. Acceptable forms of identification may include:

  • Driving license
  • Social security card or individual tax identification number (ITIN)
  • Passport
  • Identity card issued by the state or the federal government

2. Income verification

For employees

If you work for an employer, it should be relatively easy to get these pre-approval documents:

  • W-2 forms from the last two years
  • Pay stubs for the last 30 days
  • Last two bank statements
  • Personal tax declarations for the last two years
  • Your most recent year-end pay stub if your earnings include overtime or bonuses

For the self-employed and independent contractors

Self-employed borrowers do not receive W-2 forms or pay stubs from an employer, so they will need to produce the following pre-approval documents to show that they have earned a stable income for at least the past two years:

  • Tax returns for businesses and individuals for the past two years
  • A copy of current state or business licenses, if applicable
  • IRS Form 4506-T, which allows lenders to access your tax records
  • An income statement
  • A review
  • Asset account statements, such as retirement or investment accounts
  • Any additional income, such as Social Security or disability

For owners and investors

If you rent an investment property, rent payments from your tenants may count towards your income. This can help you qualify for the new mortgage.

For documentation, you will need to provide a current lease showing the amount of the rent.

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3. Debt statement

Your DTI ratio helps the lender determine if you will qualify for the mortgage and how much you can afford.

A lower DTI ratio is desirable, but the requirements vary depending on each type of loan. Here’s what mortgage lenders typically want to see:

Type of loan Frontal DTI DTI back-end
FHA 31% to 33% 43% to 45%
USDA 29% 41%
Virginia N / A 41%
(but lenders are free to go higher)
Conventional 36% 45%

Look for your most recent statements if you have any unpaid debts, which may include:

  • Auto loans
  • Student loans
  • Other types of installment loans
  • Tax privileges
  • Credit card statements

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4. Proof of assets

Lenders will want to consider the following assets when you apply for your pre-approval:

  • Bank statements: Two months of bank statements for each account whose assets you will use for the loan
  • Retirement and brokerage accounts: Two most recent retirement and investment account statements, such as IRAs, 401 (k), and CDs

5. Other documents

Here are some examples of other documents a lender might request:

  • Rental history: If you’ve rented out your home, you’ll need to show rent payments for the past 12 months – usually in the form of voided checks – along with your landlord’s contact information.
  • Divorce decision or court decision: If alimony and child support payments make up a large portion of your income, you will need to show a copy of your divorce decree and / or relevant court orders.
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure: After certain negative credit events, you may need to meet a waiting period before you can take out a new mortgage. If you’ve filed for bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past few years, ask your lender about the waiting period and the documents you need for a mortgage pre-approval.
  • Deposit Gift Letters: In some cases, borrowers can use the gift funds for down payment or cash reserves. The person giving you the money will likely need to provide bank statements showing where the money came from. Then they will have to sign a letter stating that the money is not a loan. Depending on the lender, this may not be required for pre-approval, but it will be part of the documents needed for a mortgage loan.

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Traditional lenders Credible
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Soft credit draw
(no impact on your credit)
Online process Usually minimal; instead handled via an in-person visit to a branch or a phone call with a licensed loan officer 100% online
Compare multiple lenders? No, visit multiple lenders to receive multiple pre-approval letters Yes, pre-approved by several lenders at the same time
Several pre-approval letters to make additional real estate offers? No, you must submit another request to the lender for a new pre-approval letter Yes, instantly generate additional letters with a personalized loan amount

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